Project Description

Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance (HCFI), part of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, provides cashflow solutions to over 700 clients across various sectors within the UK. Hitachi Capital is one of UK’s leading financial service companies that provide innovative solutions for both customers as businesses across the UK and Europe. Hitachi Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hitachi Capital Cooperation, one of Japan’s largest non-financial institutions.

Due to a stagnating factoring market, HCIF was looking for innovative cash flow solutions to grow the business. Capital Chains conducted a comprehensive feasibility study which resulted in a clear view on the potential for SCF in the UK mid-market and a high-level business case.

The feasibility study for HCIF gave rise to the following phase; the SCF Provider Selection phase. The detailed findings of the feasibility study (Program Design phase) are captured and highlighted in the RFP document. Capital Chains successfully guided HCIF through their SCF Provider Selection Process which resulted in a match with a reputable and experienced platform provider.

During the implementation phase, Capital Chains provided HCIF with on-going support and interactive workshop sessions focusing on the organizational setup and its requirements for the platforms configuration. Additionally, Capital Chains collaborated with HCIF on formulating an effective supplier on-boarding journey to market the SCF product to their clients.