Project Description

Intermarket Bank is part of Erste Group AG, which is one of the largest financial service providers in the Eastern part of the EU with approximately 16,2 million customers spreading out over Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

With their key business in retail mainly focused on individual banking services, Erste Group’s core activities also include advisory and support services to corporate clients in financing, investment, and access to international capital markets, public funding markets and interbank market operations.

With over 45 years of experience in financing, Intermarket Bank is currently one of the specialists in their market when it comes to receivable financing. Due to strategic considerations on efficiency Erste Group decided to move their SCF facilities to Intermarket Bank’s services.

Capital Chains supported Intermarket Bank in their creation of a SCF product offering roadmap, including detailed specifications for the required system configurations. Based upon the newly created SCF roadmap, Capital Chains supported Intermarket Bank in setting up and substantiating their RFP on a multi-disciplinary (both Factoring and SCF) system.

During the provider selection phase, Capital Chains was instrumental in the selection of the best fitting provider for the SCF section and supported the various phases of demos and review sessions.