“It would be unfair to say that all that Greensill did was wrong” [Original Title: “Onterecht om de Greensill-werkwijze bij het oud vuil te zetten”]

The original core of their offering “plain vanilla reverse factoring”, is characterised by short-term debt on credit worthy players with a high-volume & low-margin approach. On its own a solid product for all involved, but not necessarily a profit center. For a bank or FinTech however, this supply chain approach is a key enabler for future/additional business opportunities in the wider eco-system of the anchor corporate.

-> Reverse factoring provides real time insights in orders and payments in a particular value chain and, especially for emerging markets, allows for financial inclusion of companies and MSMEs that might have had difficulties accessing third party funding on their own.

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an article by Mathijs Rotteveel and Rutger Betlem at Het Financieele Dagblad (NL)