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At Capital Chains, we offer a wide range of training packages focused on Working Capital Optimisation, Financial Supply Chain Management issues and Supply Chain Finance, all aimed at ensuring we best meet your training needs.

If sitting in a room with an experienced trainer and having the opportunity for discussion and networking with other learners sounds good to you then you have come to the right place. If however, you prefer to study in your own time and at your own pace then one of our e-learning packages or remote learning options might be right up your street. For those who like the sound of both, but perhaps are not in a position to attend all training sessions face-to-face, we offer a third option, which is where our blended learning offerings comes in handy.

Our trainers are well seasoned and active participants from the industry, and all of our trainings are designed to stimulate active learning.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”
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Popular Courses


Creating the link between Supply Chain and Finance. Understand the levers impacting the various components of working capital in order to challenge stakeholders accountable for them. Providing participants a theoretical base on working capital as well as a global view of the Cash to Cash cycle, by introducing the concepts of DSO, DPO and DIO in a connected supply chain. The Cool Connection is a business simulation aimed at bridging the physical and financial supply chain. This second module serves as a tool to apply the theoretical base in a real life simulation.


Product ready? Ensure that your staff/team understands the sales and operational life cycle of the Supply Chain Finance product, from prospecting to on-boarding. Prepare for pilot clients, using lessons learned and best practices from the industry.


Creating awareness around the various components of working capital, enabling participants to challenge stakeholders accountable for working capital. Providing an up to date view on market players and trends, to improve the understanding of supply chain finance techniques and solutions.


Objective is for participants to better understand the levers impacting the components of working capital, thereby creating a better match between existing products/solutions offered by the (non) Financial Institution, as well as identifying future opportunities, with financing needs in the corporate supply chain.

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“Fast & dynamic program that takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to change your mindset on supply chain financing.”

Westpac Banking Corporation, Head of Trade

“This workshop is for first class organisations that want maximum efficient outputs from their supply chain.”

Botswana-Oil-LTDBotswana Oil Ltd, Finance Manager

“Brings the Physical Supply Chain and the Financial Supply Chain nicely together. Cash is King.”

Stellenbosch-UniversityStellenbosch University, Professor

“Excellent workshop with lots of useful insight into supply chain finance.”

“A great learning experience – challenging, but also fun.”

McGregor & PartnersMcGregor & Partners, Managing Associate

“A very well organised session, coupling various complex parts of a corporate supply chain, opening up areas for improvements via an excellent simulation game.”

Standard-Chartered-BankStandard Chartered Bank, Director, Supply Chain Finance