Project Description

FCI is the world’s leading factoring network and association, with approximately 400 members located in 90 countries. In collaboration with Demica, a market leading provider of working capital solutions for large corporates and financial institutions, FCI created the FCIreverse platform.

FCIreverse is a Supply Chain Finance platform for financing buyer-approved receivables, that enables FCI members to set-up and participate in SCF / Reverse Factoring programs across multiple jurisdictions.

FCIreverse is a flexible product applicable for 1.) domestic transactions facilitated by one FCI member (three-corners model), 2.) cross-border transactions facilitated by one FCI member, and 3.) international transactions facilitated by one FCI member with support of foreign FCI members for supplier on-boarding (four-corners model).

Capital Chains was indispensable in developing the FCIreverse model and carried out a key role in guiding the implementation process by supporting the creation of marketing documentation, operations manuals, as well as business case calculations to assess the financial implications for FCI members.