Project Description

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a crucial component of the Dutch economy. Healthy SMEs invest and expand, which generates employment and stimulates broad economic growth. And as suppliers of goods and services to large corporations, SMEs are a vital link in many supply chains.

In order to flourish and grow, SMEs need sufficient liquidity. Yet many of them struggle with this, largely because much of their cash is tied up in invoices for their products and services, awaiting payment. This lack of liquidity makes them vulnerable and hinders their growth. (‘Pay Me Now’) is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to ease SME suppliers’ access to reasonably-priced liquidity. This can support their growth ambitions and their ability to create jobs, and strengthen the stability of supply chains – benefiting the Dutch economy as a whole. seeks to unlock €2.5 billion in liquidity for Dutch SMEs in the next five years. It aims to do this by mobilizing 50% of the top 1,000 corporates to offer their suppliers the opportunity of faster payment, or fast financing, of their invoices.

Participating corporations draw up a pledge detailing the concrete steps they will take to ensure their smaller suppliers are paid more quickly for the products or services they supply. Corporations can contribute by approving their SME suppliers’ invoices more quickly, then paying them faster or offering the option of fast and favorable financing by third parties. is also working with the SMEs, who have an important role to play. It is crucial that they submit their invoices correctly and promptly. SMEs might have to review their invoicing process in order to accelerate fast approval of their invoices and gain access to financing programs offered by their corporate clients. is working to educate small and medium-sized companies about this.

Capital Chains provided content and training to stakeholders (both corporates as well as -SME- suppliers) on Supply Chain Finance. For more information on our involvement in this initiative contact us via the contact page.

For more information (and the parties participating) check (only available in Dutch).