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In Partnership with Strategic Vision Group in Singapore

The Course

For a financial service that has a tripartite win‐win‐win value, current market adoption of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is still in its infancy. The unused potential for SCF is considerable” and double‐digit growth rates can be expected in years to come. SCF benefits individual companies, but also complete supply chains and economies, by facilitating more and cheaper liquidity, based on large creditworthy corporates.

Supply Chain Finance is applicable in various stages in the supply chain and can be based on invoices, purchase orders, framework contracts or other ‘financeable’ assets. In the post‐shipment environment reverse factoring (RF) and dynamic discounting (DD) are nowadays mostly applied. Based on an approved invoice from a credit‐worthy buyer early financing is made available to its suppliers, leveraging a buyer’s cash reserves or by using funds from an external 3rd party financier.

After this two‐day training, participants have gained extensive (practical) insights into the day‐to‐day operations at a corporate and the applicability of several (bank‐financing instruments in their working capital strategy. Participants have also experienced, first‐hand, the need for close collaboration at both the corporate level as well as from a bankers’ perspective.

How Will I Benefit?

· Gain an understanding of the cash‐to‐cash cycle

· Understand the levers impacting working capital

· Learn why a sound SCF strategy is underpinning your Supply Chain strategy and how it enables competitive advantages

· Learn about the available SCF solutions and techniques

· Get an overview of market players and trends

· Learn about the differences between SCF in the West and the East

Who Should Attend?

• Corporate practitioners in the fields of supply chain management, procurement, treasury, and sales, interested in working capital optimization

• Financial professionals who want to learn more about the dilemma’s corporates face every day when dealing with working capital

How to Register?

Contact Strategic Vision Group via their website or contact us directly here.

Not able to make it this time or looking for a slightly different training setup? Click Here

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