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Building on its reputation as the largest and most popular trade finance gathering anywhere in the world, the conference will provide an effective and impartial marketplace for all involved in trade, commodity and export finance.

Highlights of the 2 days

  • Economist debate
  • Trade and commodity finance stream
  • Export and project finance briefing
  • GTR Fintech Showcase
  • Supply chain finance, working capital and sustainability sessions
  • Corporate Treasury Workshop
  • ICC Academy accredited (10 PDCs for participation for both days, 5 PDCs for one)
  • Evening networking reception (day one)

Capital Chains’ Involvement:

Managing and financing Asia’s supply chains
* Is KYC still the key stumbling block when it comes to supply chain finance programmes? Are banks hesitant to onboard people they don’t already have a relationship with? Are banks meeting corporate expectations when it comes to supply chain financing solutions?
* Has provision of supply chain finance programmes and solutions moved beyond just banks to also include funds and other collaborators?
* Are we seeing these being done more on a bilateral case-by-case basis? Does this eliminate the need for investing in expensive infrastructure?
* Are we likely to see an end to China’s dominance of the global supply chain? To what extent are changes in demographics and consumer preferences (along with developments around areas such as fintech) likely to play a role here?
* Designing logistic strategies to overcome digital disruption: Could more be done in the field of technology and innovation when it comes to utilising big data and social networks to match suppliers and their counterparties?
* End-to-end supply chain management: Assessing logistical capabilities and inventory management procedures to ensure sustainability

Moderator: Steven van der Hooft, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Chains
Munish Kaushal, Supply Chain Finance Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Christina Li, Head of Supply Chain Financing, Wells Fargo
Sanjay Desai, Head of Supply Chain, European Chemical Company
Vijay Vashist, Group Head of Trade & Supply Chain Finance and Trade Risk Distribution, Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank
David Gonsalvez, CEO & Rector, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

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