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LIMITED OFFER: SCF Readiness Quick Scan for FCI members only | Book before August 1st

During the FCI 49th Annual Meeting (2017) in Lima, Peru, Steven van der Hooft, CEO at Capital Chains presented FCIreverse and introduced the FCIreverse platform using ‘a bike analogy‘: A well tested frame (platform) by other financial institutions and corporates, able to shift gears from basic to advanced solutions, and the ability to add trainer wheels for those needing some support to get going.

Fast forward to 2020: Steven indicates that it is not the technology that stops SCF-providers from implementing a new offering, it is the lack of clarity on how to sell that offering to the (corporate) market afterwards. He proposes the FCI membership base to participate in a SCF Readiness Quick Scan. This Quick Scan is an assessment of the market potential for SCF and your readiness for implementing an SCF solution into this market.

To celebrate the FCI 52nd Annual Meeting in Washington DC, Capital Chains is offering to conduct an SCF Readiness Quick Scan with a serious discount. Are you looking for the best way to start or continue your SCF journey? Let us assess your SCF opportunity and readiness, and leverage our knowledge and expertise to accelerate your next steps. Book before August 1st and have your Supply Chain Finance go-to-market strategy defined by December 31st latest!

An overview of our SCF Readiness Quick Scan:

1) An initial market scan: Client data and market intelligence are analyzed to assess the SCF potential from our clients’ perspective.

2) Internal interviews (2-days): Structured (on-site) interviews with internal departments are conducted by the Capital Chains team. The collected data is processed and mapped in our scoring model using best practice parameters, defining the ‘AS-IS versus TO-BE gap’.

3) A high-level business case: Based on the results of the SCF Readiness Quick Scan, a high-level business case is created: comparing long term benefits with short term investments.

4) A report out to senior management: The market scan, comprehensive summaries and scores on the key parameters, together with the high-level business case and key findings to focus on, are captured in a hands-on report and will be presented to senior management.

5) A project planning for next phases: The SCF Readiness Quick Scan contains a project planning for the following phases: SCF Program Design phase, as well as outlining the process for the implementation later on.


LIMITED TIME OFFER! Why wait? Join us now for this limited offer and be ready to start your SCF journey within weeks! Want to know more about our recent projects, training offerings or other consultancy services? Contact us today!

FCIreverse Readiness Quick Scan Promotion

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