SCF Readiness Quick-Scan for Financial Institutions and Fintechs

The SCF Readiness Quick Scan is an assessment of a Financial Institution’s or Fintech’s readiness for implementing an SCF solution and can be used as a first step in a FIs’ journey towards launching an SCF offering. We focus on four important areas for any successful SCF implementation by interviewing internal and external stakeholders and analyzing the market potential and sizing.

The main benefits of the SCF Readiness Quick Scan

Due to our structured approach we are able to complete the Quick Scan in a timeframe of only one week. The Quick Scan is performed by having multiple interviews with key persons in the organisation as well as by analysing predefined data.
A prerequisite for us to complete the Quick Scan in this timeframe is the availability of resources at the client.

The Quick Scan defines the main challenges and risks for the envisioned SCF implementation. It not only indicates how much effort an implementation will take, but more importantly it enables the financial institution / fintech to anticipate on these main challenges and risks beforehand avoiding problems down the road and ensuring a successful implementation.

Lessons learned: the Quick Scan often indicates that the level of awareness around SCF within the financial institution / fintech could be improved, which can be achieved by organizing specific trainings or workshops before progressing with next steps. A common understanding of the SCF offering reduces the design and implementation duration, while increasing its effectiveness significantly.

The final outcome of the SCF Readiness Quick Scan is a high-level business case. The business case is determined by comparing the potential benefits to be gained in the coming years versus the costs to be incurred by implementing the SCF program. Presenting it internally results in buy-in from senior management and serves as a solid basis for the investment decision to run a full SCF program design and implementation project.

Supply Chain Finance - Readiness Quick Scan - Financial Institution - Fintech

The four elements of the Quick Scan

SCF Strategy & Value Proposition icon

SCF Strategy & Value Proposition

SCF Strategy & Value Proposition

Defining a Financial Institution’s readiness for SCF starts with assessing its strategy and proposed value proposition. Is the envisioned SCF offering the right solution for achieving the FI’s goals and if so, is the FI in the right (financial) position to start offering this type of SCF solution?

Market Sizing icon

Market Sizing

Market Sizing

The market potential for the SCF solution is mainly defined by the clients targeted and their corresponding financing needs. Is the FI aware of its clients’ needs and to what extent does the proposed value proposition match these needs? What does the competitive landscape look like?

Organization & People icon

Organization & People

Organization & People

A crucial element of any SCF implementation is to have the right resources involved. Does the FI have the right level of senior commitment and is there a common, cross-departmental, understanding of the working of the proposed SCF solution?

To raise understanding of SCF we offer standardized SCF training packages.

Delivery Model icon

Delivery / Operating Model

Delivery / Operating Model

The FI’s readiness for SCF depends on the ability for plug and play implementation of the SCF solution(s) for the chosen delivery model. A major factor to take into consideration is the impact on the current IT infrastructure, and the effort to implement any required IT changes. Aside from IT, there are other factors to take into consideration such as: – does Sales have the right support tools? – legal environment and the ability to finance – state of the credit and risk management processes at the FI.

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