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Jos Groen BSc.

About Jos

Jos is our senior business analyst, focusing on analysing both buyer and financial institution readiness for SCF implementations.

His passion is to add value throughout the supply chain by taking a holistic approach. Often, SCF is presented as a win-win solution for both the buyer and its suppliers, but in fact the biggest win is for the buyer. Jos aims to create a true win-win solution in which the whole supply chain benefits. With his analyses, his goal is to create insights based on data which allows clients to make informed decisions.

Jos obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Control at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (NL). He gained experience in the SCF field as a trainee and as an analyst at OpusCapita. As a trainee, he wrote his thesis and developed the SCF Readiness Quickscan; a tool which measures the readiness of buyer organizations for implementing an SCF solution. He is the 3rd prize winner of the 2016 SCF Community Global Thesis Award, an award for outstanding theses with high relevance to the area of SCF. As an analyst, he was mainly responsible for developing analytics capabilities, conducting working capital and spend analyses and calculating business cases.

In his spare time, Jos enjoys spending time and having drinks with his family and friends (e.g. craft beers and whiskey). He also likes listening to music, hiking, cycling and making city trips.

 +31 644 221 629

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”